Uber driver finds passenger, returns forgotten property


An Uber driver in Lagos, Kalu Chika Charles from Abia State has proven there are still good and honest Nigerians, despite the myriads of negative news that make headlines everyday.

According to an eyewitness, a man identified as Innocent Omodu boarded the Uber driver’s cab on Friday night as he went out clubbing with his friends.

He forgot his Nokia Note9 phone inside the man’s cab but to his surprise and amazement, the good Samaritan found him and returned his phone.

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The good cab driver, Kalu Chika Charles

‭According to the eyewitness, he said‬;

”This young Ibo man from Abia State of Nigeria, name Kalu Chika Charles with phone number ‭0806 373 2216‬ drives Uber in the Lagos metropolis. A friend of mine, Innocent Omodu boarded his cab on Friday night, for the usual Friday night hangout with guys, and forgot his Nokia Note 9 phone in Kalu’s cab. Kalu, located my friend, (standing beside him) this morning, to returned the phone. In spite of the negative news about a few Nigerians home and abroad, which news seems to gain the attention of most people. I dare say, we are a nation with great and honest people. Please join me in celebrating this honest Nigerian by calling his number, displayed above, to thanks him on our behalf.”