Steps to making the best of what you have

Shell Nigeria

One major problem people are having is the fact that they neglect that which they have or possess and desire that which others have thinking what they have is too crude or minute to give them a headway in life. The first step towards making the best of what you is to appreciate whatever talents or skills you have.

You must realized that no talent or skill comes completely polished or packaged. That means no matter how endowed you are, you have to continuously develop yourself, improve your skills and work on your talents.

Don’t compare your weaknesses with other people’s strengths because that is a recipe for failure. Instead of complaining, it is time to put to use what you already have. This is because what you don’t use, you lose. Therefore you have to start looking for or create a platform by which your talents and skills can be put to use. Don’t be afraid to start small. The most important thing, is that you’ve started and never going to stop. In no time you will realize that you have acquired and learnt so much. Don’t murmur over lost time, make do with the one you have now. Make the best of yourself. Because in you lies endless potentials you might never get to know, until you do something.  Show forth your greatness.

Micheal Opene