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September 27th is globally recognized annually as World Tourism Day. This year’s edition is however special because, on that day, the search for 21 outstanding tourist sites to repesent Africa will begin. The 21 Wonders of Africa, a flagship project of the Pan-African Travel Association will welcome nomination of ten sites from each participating African country for voting which will then be pruned to 21, ensuring representation from around the continent.
New members can now join TeamAfrica on recommendation of any registered member and approved by the founders or through the website New members can join from all over Africa and the Diaspora once the person or organization can provide evidence of promoting Africa as a destination.

The association has already opened up its membership log to accommodate more members in readiness for this exercise. Team leader, Ikechi Uko, explained to foundation members that membership was kept closed since March this year to allow for the completion of the registration processes. TeamAfrica projects that an Africa Calender of Events will be ready next year, as well as publications promoting the beaches of Africa, kingdoms in Africa and ethnic nationalities in the continent. In addition to searching for the 21 Wonders of Africa, there are other ambitious and laudable objectives of the group which draws its membership from travel experts across the continent. They include pushing for an Africa Open Skies agreement and promoting visa-free travel within Africa for Africans. TeamAfrica aims to get at least 10 million Africans to travel within Africa in the next three years.While waiting for the registration process including trademarks to be completed, the association haden busy articulating positions on African issues, especially regarding the much touted African passport and the preference for a Visa on Arrival policy. The TeamAfrica commended the efforts of the AU leadership to bring about seamless travels within Africa for Africans.

According to the AU chairperson Dlamina Zulu, the delay in implementing an AU decision since 2003 has cost Africa a 40 per cent market share in aviation on the continent. On the contrary, TeamAfrca argues that immediate implementation of Visa on Arrival for all Africans is easier to Implement and adopt. Ghana recently joined Rwanda and Seychelles in implementing VOA for all Africans. There are indications Nigeria will follow suit, with January 2017 touted as a take-off date. The TeamAfrica contends that Visa on Arrival is a faster way of integrating Africa while discussions on how to implement the AU passport is being worked out between Nations. The ECOWAS region was the first to launch free movement protocol among its 15 member countries with little or no negative impact despite the huge population within the region. The TeamAfrica is an association for players in Travel and Tourism business in African. It’s major role is to promote Travel within Africa for Africans as most Africans do not travel much within the continent. TTA aims to grow travel within Africa by jointly promoting events within Africa


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