Russian doctor murders and cooks woman after s3xual intercourse


Mikhail Tikhonov, a Russian doctor is facing 20 years jail term for he confessing that he murdered a woman he dated after he discovered she had undergone s3x change surgery.

The 27 year old Mikhail, told the  Police that he cooked some of her body parts in her oven and flushed her remains down the toilet.

According to Daily Mail, Mr. Tikhonov, and Nina Surgutskaya, 25, were said to have gone out on a date night in Kursk, before they both returned to her flat.

When the pair were having s3x, he realised that she was ‘transs3xual‘ and had undergone surgery.

He immediately strangled her on her bed and then to hide the murder, dismembered her corpse, he told police interrogators.


Tikhonov was later arrested and questioned after Nina went missing and her mother called in police to investigate.

The police report into the incident said: ‘Nina invited him to her flat. They continued to drink alcohol and began to have s3x. He noticed his partner had been previously a man.

He killed her and then put the head and limbs into a suitcase and took them to his flat, according to the crime report.

He later sawed off limbs and ribs and threw them into rubbish bins.

After he was detained, police found the macabre sight of the head still attached to the spine, which he had covered in salt ‘to get rid of the smell’.

Russian doctor murders, dismembers and cooks woman after he found out she was born a man as they had s3x?(Photos)

‘He had no time to get rid of these body parts as he was caught,’ according to one report.

Tikhonov, who was trained as a doctor, faces up to 20 years in jail if convicted of murder and mutilating the corpse.

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