Runaway Ritual Killer Re-arrested

Ifeanyi Dike
Shell Nigeria

When news broke that Ifeanyi Dike was nowhere to be found, massive criticism hit the police. However, Ifeanyi’s escape wasn’t for long as he has been re-arrested after a man-hunt. Ifeanyi said he couldn’t stay in hiding any longer as he was getting hungrier by the day and would have to starve to death, if he didn’t find good food to eat.

Dike was alleged to have raped and killed an eight-year-old girl, Victory Chikamso Nmezuwuba. He was arrested and taken to the police station in Porth Harcourt, but he escaped and ran away not knowing men of the Nigerian police force were after him.

It will be recalled that  Dike was first arrested in Eliozu, Port Harcourt, when he attempted to dispose the mutilated body of his victim after allegedly removing her tongue, two eyes, two fingers and one breast for suspected ritual purpose.

Saying he was sorry for his actions, the suspect disclosed that he stayed several days in his hideout without food and had to come out when he could no longer withstand the hunger.

He said the injuries he sustained before he was arrested in Port Harcourt in August made it difficult for him to move easily to search for food.

“When I got to Jos, due to my injuries, I was not able to go out and get better food to eat. I stayed for several days without food.

“When I decided to go out and get some food, I was caught. They (policemen) were interrogating me; and because I was fed up, I gave them my aunt’s phone number.

“When the policeman that was interrogating me called my aunt, my aunt told him that they had declared me wanted. My aunt went further to call the police; when she called the police, she handed my IPO’s number to him (the police).

“It was then the police now called my IPO to confirm if I was the person. When they now confirmed that I was the person, I was detained and then brought back (to Port Harcourt) on Sunday. So, today, I was brought here,” the suspect narrated.

On how he escaped from police custody, Dike exonerated the Investigating Police Officer (Johnbosco Okere) handling his case, adding that he grabbed the opportunity to flee when the IPO told him to enter police cell.

He maintained that the IPO, who had since been dismissed from the Nigeria Police, did not know when he ran away.

The suspect said, “At the State CID, after my statement, it was late. So, my IPO told me to go inside the cell. That was how I got the opportunity to run away. The IPO did not know when I ran away from the State CID. I am very sorry for what I did.”