Book Expo: The Polytechnic Ibadan unveils book, ‘Radio Biafra’

Members of the Management

It was indeed a moment of celebration and appreciation of creativity as the Assembly hall of The Polytechnic Ibadan on Wednesday was filled with lovers of Literature and students to launch a book titled ‘Radio Biafra’ by Emmanuel Fehintola.

The book ‘Radio Biafra’ by the young author is a collection of twelve short stories which mirror the socio-political milieu of the Nigerian society.

Author of Radio Biafra, Emmanuel Fehintola

The young author and lecturer in The Polytechnic Ibadan, Emmanuel Fehintola, recounts in his speech that the journey to writing the book started four years ago in his final phase at the University of Ibadan.

Fehintola pointed that Nigeria and Africa are structured in a way that the writer can neither be happy nor quiet.

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According to him, “My story is a freedom song”.

The book “Radio Biafra”

While speaking with PEPLNEWS correspondent at the event, Fehintola stated that the society is laden with myriads of challenges and yearnings hence the need for responses.

“Young writers must open their eyes wide, stories are everywhere. Be a good reader, be able to see things and write the way you see them.

“The truth must not scare you”, he advised.

The chairman of the occasion and Rector of The Polytechnic Ibadan, Mr. Olakunle Fawole, said: “this is a challenge to all of us”. He however, applauded the author adding that Nigeria can only get better through the young creative generation. ” We rely on you to do things differently”, he asserted.

In an elated mood, the author’s father and registrar of the institution, Mr Fehintola Hezekiah expressed joy ‘not just because the author is my son but because of the wonderful work God has done through him’.

Hezekiah advised young lads to commence their journey to stardom step by step.
‘A little today, a little tomorrow’, he added.

In his lecture, Narratives As Contextual Creations, Dean, Faculty of Business and Communication studies, Mr. Femi Ipadeola, delivered that narratives from writers across the country have exposed the plethora of misdeeds domiciled in the country.

Cross section of students and well-wishers at the book launch

He said, “what writers do is to transport the real-life events in their society into fiction and present it to the society as a mirror with which people can look at themselves and make amends where necessary.

Mr. Kola Oloyede, a lecturer at the general studies department also submitted that the author no doubt has started defining life for himself, he added that others must aspire to define theirs.