Omokri criticises hype over ‘Black Panther’, and Nigerians seem to agree


Less than a month after hitting theaters, black comic movie,, Black Panther has officially made over $1 billion at the global box office. It is the first film of 2018 to hit $1 billion worldwide.

However, there has been a controversy about if the movie really promotes African culture or is just another over-hyped American produced movie to make black people feel special.

In a post on his Twitter page, Reno Omokri, wondered why blacks are proud of a make believe civilization film.

He stated that it is pathetic to be proud of a movie which is a figment of the imagination of American script writers.

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He wrote:

“#BlackPanther was really a way to make Black people part with $1 billion that largely goes into non Black pockets. I wonder why we Blacks are proud of a make believe civilization? The pride would have made more sense if it was based on a real Black civilization like Benin empire!”

“Pride over #BlackPanther makes more sense if it was based on real Black civilizations like Benin or Shaka the Zulu who created an empire that defeated the British in Isandlwana. It‘s kind of pathetic to be proud of Wakanda, a figment of the imagination of American script writers.”

Reno Omokri’s tweets on Black Panther

And as usual, Nigerians replied to this tweet; but surprisingly, a good number of twitter users seemed to agree with Reno’s tweet saying the film was good but overrated.

Read some tweets below:

“I thought I was d only person thinking like dis. I Dey don’t see anything African in it. Let us call d spade a spade. Africans don’t do technologies. We like witchcraft or witch hunting.”

“May you continue to grow in Wisdom.”

Replies to Omokri’s tweet

“I concur… Overly hyped movie. Just there”

“Thank you @renoomokri. I don’t always agree with you, but I agree with this.”