No Man Born of A Woman Can Stop Us – Massob/Ipob

Shell Nigeria

Despite threats by the police to crush any attempt by right groups Massob/Ipob from carrying out public demonstrations or disrupt business activities, the groups have come out to make their stands.

IPOB while reacting through its Media and Publicity Secretary Comrade Emma Powerful said:

“It is unfortunate that the IGP would give orders to his men to deal decisively with the freedom fighters on May 30 remembrance day and 50th year anniversary of Biafra declaration by Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu. He must have known that he cannot stop the sit-at-home and the 50 years remembrance anniversary. Is he going to stop it in 120 countries of the world where this will be observed?

“No man born of a woman can stop it; even the Nigerian security agencies put together cannot stop the programme. As I said, everybody must stay indoors, no street protest or rally. Can the Police or Army go to somebody’s home and order somebody who is inside his or her home out? “The announcement from the Nigeria police shows that the Nigerian security agency doesn’t know the norms. IPOB doesn’t want to confront anybody but let them not feel that we are not properly informed about what we are pursuing.”

MASSOB in its reaction advised the people of Biafra and their supporters to be careful not to fall prey to the trigger-happy Nigerian security operatives on Tuesday during the Biafra Remembrance Day celebration.

MASSOB in its reaction through its  leader, Comrade Uchenna Madu said;

“It is very naive, primitive and a mark of stupidity on the part of Nigeria police to declare a murderous onslaught on the people of Biafra on 30th May in an exercise that we say is an indoor program. Are they planning to kill us even in our homes? Do we have any public functions like rally or processions? Our people should be very careful on 30th May.

“This same police that are threatening to kill MASSOB and IPOB people on 30th May are still telling the residents to ignore our voluntary order for sit-at-home and go about their normal businesses. This hypocritical stand of Nigeria police, Army, DSS, Navy etc is an implication that whoever they see on the road will be killed, any shop or market that opens will be vandalized by them in the name of looking for MASSOB or IPOB members.

“Another implication is that any vehicle seen on the road on 30th May will also be vandalized and confiscated by police and army.

“MASSOB therefore is urging the people of Biafra to be wise enough now that our enemies are seriously looking for a way to kill us; we should not fall into the trap of these Hausa Fulani police and army on 30th May, the only solution and tactics that will shame and belittle the Nigeria Police, Army, DSS, Navy and others is to be obedient in staying at home on 30th May, 2017 as a mark of honour for General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu and the fallen heroes of Biafra gallant soldiers and civilians, it is also a mark of respect to our fatherland, Biafra…”