Nigeria Sports Ruined by Dalung – Ibrahim Galadima

Ibrahim Galadima
Shell Nigeria

Former NFF Chairman Alhaji Ibrahim Galadima has described the sports minister, Solomon Dalung as incompetent to administer over sports administration in Nigeria.

Speaking from his home in Kano, Alhaji Galadima expressed dismay about the confusion and intrigues that reportedly marred the federation’s election in Abuja last Tuesday stressing that the Minister has succeeded in supervising the destruction of sports in the country.

He said, “The whole drama of intrigues and manipulation of the election process will create confusion in sports. Dalung has run sports down and there is no likelihood that it will improve under his tenure,”

Galadima urged sports writers in the country to stand up and fight the injustice the sports ministry has meted to aspirants in the election in Abuja which he termed a charade as he commended the NBBF for taking a bold step towards getting its autonomy by creating its own Constitution.

He further wondered why the minister would appoint him to head a committee for the reform of football in the country but failing to receive the report over a year after the committee completed its work.

“He appointed the committee and gave us two weeks to submit our report. We finished the work since April last year but he has refused to receive the report despite reminders to him. He has shown he is not serious about any reforms. Sports in Nigeria has been going down since he came and something urgent must be done to salvage the situation,” Alhaji Galadima said.