Mutant Cow With Two Heads Discovered On Brazil Farm


A mutant cow born with two heads which was discovered on a farm in Brazil, baffles local farmers.

The farm animal seen being bottle-fed by local workers as a second identical face emerges next to the first.

The calf shares two pairs of eyes and heads between one skull and was found in Brazilian town Caiponia by the farm owner’s wife.

The woman, Zica Soares, said: “I never imagined something like that would be born here, we are surprised.

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“The vet says that we need to either put the calf down or look after him until the end. “He is very bad, really weak

Hours later the animal tragically died.

Local vet Daniel Ribeiro Camargos told reports: “It was probably a case of inbreeding that caused the calf to be born with the anomaly.

“It is a very rare situation.”