Man reveals his colleague’s experience after stabilizing a patient


A Nigerian doctor has revealed the experience of a colleague and friend of his, after stabilizing a dying patient. 

According to the doctor, his friend attended to a girl that was rushed to his hospital after being hit by a car.

She was duly attended to and referred to another hospital for further treatment. Then the relatives of the said girl refused to pay the bills and the doctor had to foot thee bills.

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He said:

A girl was hit by a car and then rushed to my guy’s hospital Man gave her Iv fluids,blood etc and then referred her to a tertiary hospital Getting her relatives to pay the bills at the private hospital is now atomic physics Guess who’s paying the 9k out of his 80k salary?

He lost ~11% of his salary on just ONE patient He did the right thing but is it really worth it? Why should one have to spend his personal money to take care of clients