Finsbury Mosque: London Suffers Another Attack

Survivor being taken to the Hospital
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A 48 year man has been arrested for ramming his van against Muslim faithful in a Mosque near Finsbury Park Mosque in Seven Sisters Road. Many of the victims are believed to have just left evening prayers at the Muslim Welfare House after breaking the Ramadan fast before the incidence occurred. 

A man who was badly injured by the incident has been reported dead while 8 others are in the hospital receiving treatment.

The van mounted the pavement and struck a group of people just after midnight. The van driver was arrested after being detained by members of the public at the scene following the collision at 00:20 BST.

Prime Minister Theresa May said police were treating it “as a potential terrorist attack”. Therefore counter terrorism officers have been deployed on the scene to ascertain the threat and further curtail any further attack.


Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said that extra police are being deployed to reassure communities, especially those observing Ramadan,

Police said there were no reports of anyone suffering from knife injuries after speculation at the scene the driver was armed with a knife.