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Moslem faithful in Lagos joined their counterparts all over the world to celebrate Eid-El-Kabir. The festival is one of the most important celebrations in Islam, as it is anchored on the selfless sacrifice and obedience of Prophet Ibrahim, who hearkened to the instruction of God to sacrifice his only son to him.

Having seen his obedience God had provided him a ram for the sacrifice and preserved his son, Ishaq.

In commemoration of this great event, the Federal Government had declared today 12th September and the 13th as public holiday.

Public and Corporate organisations including banks were under lock and key, and they will remain so, till the end of the work-free days.

Expectedly, the roads including those linking business districts were devoid of the usual gridlock that characterise them on a normal work day.

Those on essential duties, including law enforcement agents, media practitioners and health officers reported to their duty posts. Some of them who spoke to Peplnews said they would have preferred to be home or at recreation centres with their families, just like other people, but the job has to be done.

“The nature of my job is such that i must report to my duty post, public holiday or not, so i dont have a choice”

Another respondent, a civil servant, urged the Federal Government to consider offering incentives to those who work during public holidays as it would spur them to be more committed.

“If i had a choice, i would love to be with my family, here i am, working on a work free day and it is not like i m going to receive any incentive for this extra effort.

Messages from Islamic leaders are, that the lessons of obedience and selflessness drawn from the Eid-El-Kabir remain and guide the actions of both moslems and non moslems to entrench peace, love and tolerance among Nigerians.


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