Keys to Happiness: Can We Be Truly Happy?

Shell Nigeria

True happiness cannot be found outside but within. Its mind boggling to see people looking for happiness in drugs and other forms of entertainment that never last long. One of the ultimate goals of man is to be fulfilled and happy. Happiness is not an elusive thing, it comes from doing something. To be happy you don’t need to wait for that special person that will make you happy. You have to be willing to make happiness flow from you. You have to be willing not to let your challenges wear you out.

How do they wear me out? You might ask. They do if all you think of are the problems confronting you. Being happy is not being without problems or challenges.

In fact, if you think you will be happy when all your troubles are over, you are simply wishing yourself dead. Happiness springs out of contentment and gratitude for life even in our contentment we aspire and in our aspiration we are contented.

There are times we need to take the focus off ourselves if we want to be happy. We need to give a helping hand to others.

Helping others is not only good for them but equally good for us. Whatever we do comes back to us. Putting smiles on other peoples face also reflects on ours if we do it cheerfully.

Helping others and creating happiness is not all about money – we can also give our time, ideas and energy. So if you want to feel good, do good!

Doing good does not necessary need to be on those you are familiar with. It could be helping a stranger, your neighbor, friend, colleague whosoever, just let goodness effuse from you.  Try as much as you can to encourage and support others and realign yourself to your true beliefs and nature. Then happiness will not be far from you, because it has always been within.