Insurgency: ASIS advocates a review of the security policy

Caption: Jeff Lee, Member board of Directors, ASIS International, Peter O'Neil, Head of ASIS International, Wilson Esangbedo, Senior Regional Vice President, ASIS International.

The growing security challenges facing the country have remained a major source of concern to both the government and key security operatives. To address the menace,  ASIS International, a security organisation, has held a 2-day conference in Lagos, to proffer solutions to insurgency issues in Nigeria.

The two days event was held at Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos, between July 26 and July 27.

Mr Oluwaseyi Adetayo, Lagos Chapter Chairman of ASIS International, submitted  that there was a need to review the government policy on security sector.

He said that the laws and regulations guiding the sector need to be looked into to suit the present day situations. “The laws used then cannot be effectively compared with today’s situations. Things have imperatively changed”.

“There is a need for serious regulations of the security sub-sector, to effectively tackle insurgency challenges facing the country, ” he said.

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Adetayo said that economy cannot thrive in an unsecured environment.

“Safety cannot be assured in a poor and unsafe environment as economy and security work together. For the economy to develop, we need to address all issues impeding its growth, ” he said.

According to him, once the economy is poor, there will be unemployment, joblessness and an increase in the crime rate.

Mr Adetayo said that the two-day submit would proffer lasting solutions to the insurgency in the country.

“Experts have come together to brainstorm and form a communiqué on the way out of insecurity challenges, affecting the country. The gathering recorded huge numbers of local and international security experts with vast knowledge and experiences that are necessary towards finding a lasting solution to insurgency challenges in any part of the world, ” he said.

Earlier, Mr Peter O’Neil, Chief Executive Officer, ASIS International, said that the organisation security services is exceptional.

He said that the NGO has proffered solutions to insecurity challenges in several countries around the world.

“We have come to Africa, Nigeria to proffer solutions to insurgency in this part of the world. At the end of the two days event, solutions will be giving to Nigeria government to address the security problems in the country, ” he said.

O’Neil said that there was a need for federal government to work closely with private security agencies to complement the efforts of the government security agencies.

“The government cannot do it alone, it requires a public-private partnership, ” he said.

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