How to bring out the best in you

There is Greatness in You
Shell Nigeria

Have you been in a situation where you know, you ought to be doing more than what you are doing?  Sometimes in life, the scheme of happenings or events, will make us feel we are far left behind. We then wonder how long and hard we might have to work for us to get to our desired aim in life. The agony and pain tend to become more excruciating if we are advance in age. Some people are age 40 and still lamenting over what they should have achieved twenty years ago. Time waits for no one. You can’t bring back the past. But you can create the future by your actions today.

The events of life truly can take a different turn. That is why it is important we are driving by a compelling and clear vision. And also ensure we block all manners of distractions that might stop us from achieving the things we have set for ourselves. One mistake can take you completely out of the path of greatness, and make you live a life you never imagined for yourself. The mistake many people make when they realized their mistakes is that they don’t acknowledge them and move on. They rather dwell in pity, regrets and blames.


Many people who are poor, broke and homeless today, never for once thought their life will turn out that way. But their lack of awareness in making right decisions and taking appropriate actions got them in a fix where their situation became too difficult for them to handle.

Making the best of you is not complex a matter. It starts by you identifying your gifting and skills, no matter how significant or insignificant they might appear and then align yourself in making good use of them such that it will be profiting to your career, business and life.

Micheal Opene