HIV spreading faster within than outside homes

HIV ribbon

A Bauchi Lawmaker, Mrs Maryam Begel revealed that after investigations, HIV has been seen to spread faster within than outside matrimonial homes across Northern Nigeria.

She reported this finding to the News Agency of Nigeria stating that in Bauchi, it appears that partners were more cautious outside than within their matrimonial homes.

“We did an investigation and discovered that HIV virus is spreading faster in matrimonial homes than outside.

“This is because most males take precautionary measures when they sleep with outsiders but hardly take such measures when they meet with their wives.

“This is especially the case in settings where polygamy is allowed and you find a husband infecting some or all of his wives with the deadly virus,” she said.

The lawmaker, representing Dass constituency in Bauchi state described the situation as worrisome. She also promised to try her best to revive the “Compulsory HIV Test before Marriage” bill started by the 7th Bauchi House of Assembly but frustrated due to external pressure.

Begel said that the bill was in the best interest of the people to safeguard them, especially women and children.