Ezekwesili slams critics, maintains that ‘Nigeria Air’ will fail


A former minister of Education, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, has maintained that the ‘Nigeria Air’ project is a waste while slamming those criticizing her.

Dr. Ezekwesili first said in March 2018 that the “National Carrier project” must fail because it was a wrong priority. She said:

“I actually believed that at some point the FG would have “advised itself” & known that the so called “National Carrier project” IS A WASTE. Sadly not so as they are determined on what is CLEARLY A WRONG PRIORITY. It SHALL FAIL. For the sake of the country, it MUST FAIL.”

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After being heavily criticized because of this, the former education minister has called out those who disagree with her saying it is a waste of scarce public fund.

“I have seen a number of commentaries on this my Tweet. Let me REITERATE it now I fundamentally consider a “National Carrier Project” A WASTE. Before we once again SINK SCARCE PUBLIC RESOURCES into a WRONG-HEADED PRESTIGE project like an airline, I am GLAD to STAND ALONE on this.”

“Those who mischievously CONFLATE wanting a WASTEFUL Public Project to FAIL as being “wanting Nigeria to fail” can carry on. Nothing of what we have publicly read on the National Airline Project shows ANYTHING DIFFERENT from the usual ELEPHANT projects of the past in Nigeria.”