Ebus-stop celebrates International day of families


In commemoration of the International Day of Families, Entertainment bus-stop (Ebus-stop) in collaboration with Lagos state Parks and Garden agency has celebrated a family cooking competition titled The Sweet Mouth challenge.

The event with the theme ‘Families and inclusive Societies’ had in attendance The Lagos State commissioner for women affairs and poverty alleviation, represented by Mrs Funmi Goodluck, Barr. Ugo Abioye, Chairperson, Guild of Nigerian Dancers, Lagos chapter, Mr Olu Ajayi, CEO Olu Ajayi studios, Mr Fidelis Duker, a Nollywood Producer amongst others.

In her speech at the event, Mrs Eki Faith Eboigbe, Ebus-stop founder and convener of Sweet Moth Challenge, stated that family values needed to be instilled as families no longer have the core values that make them united.

Speaking on why her firm celebrates the international day of families, she said “the first reason is passion. I love and appreciate the fact that the family unit is the first platform of socialization which can make or mar any society if not well applied.”

“Secondly it is out of concern the tumult exploding globally particularly in Nigeria there is an urgent need to pay particular attention to the family unit.”

“Therefore our objective is to reiterate the role influence and place of the family in the development and growth of the society and the nation promoting the family unit as the most effective place to instil lasting values in its members.”

Mrs Eki Eboigbe

The International Day of Families was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993 and reflects the importance the international community attaches to families.

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Mr Olu Ajayi, CEO Olu Ajayi Studios & Co in his speech at the event themed ‘Family unit is the most effective place to instil family values’ said that “lucid entertainment has started taking over our core family values. The same way charity begins in the family is the same way corruption begins in the family. That is why the family system has to be addressed first before addressing the society. The issue of language is another thing partially responsible for the degeneration in the family unit.

Speaking to PEPLNEWS on the reason for cooking as related to promoting family values, he said: “In the traditional arrangement of the family, the kids engage in the process of making the meals at home and core family values are imbibed through this process. It creates a bond, harmony. While I was growing up, in most homes, we don’t eat from separate plates, we all eat together and then there is interaction, there is a division of labour and integration. So learning to cook is also an integral part of the society. And after learning how to cook, you have learnt how to survive.”

Health talk at the event
Guests at the event