Coca Cola vs Bigi Cola: Which has a bigger market?


Over the years, the argument of which soft drink brand has stronger market strength has always ensued between top brand owners.

This time around, a market base comparison has ensued on social media between drinkers of popular beverage Coca-Cola and Nigerian new-comers Bigi Cola.

Some individuals are maintaining that Coke as popularly called is losing its Nigerian market to Bigi.

See some of their comments:

@iamthelawrenzi: I can’t even remember ever buying Bigi with my money and I have not taken Coca-Cola in 2019. But when we talk about class, Coca-Cola will take Bigi to school. Quality over quantity abeg.

@godwin_ogabo: I can’t remember the last time I drank Coca Cola to be honest Bigi is the main deal now it’s easy to get and popular on the streets just take one chilled Bigi and one hot Bigi Gala aaaah tonguegasm 👅😋🤤

@MrKangwa: Me, on my way to Lagos airport from Ikoyi.
Met traffic at Oshodi.
Had ds little convo.

Me: Give me coke.
Hawker drags out one oversized pet bottle for me.
Me: I mean coke, as in Coca-cola!!!
Him: Madam, na BIGI COKE DEY.
Me: Driver, let’s go.

Bigi shit.

@LongeSegun: My own is how can you prefer Bigi Cola to Coca-Cola. Like how is that even a comparison. Cos of ordinary 50 naira. Just drink Pepsi if na 100 naira you get abegi. Or has Pepper killed ya’all taste buds.

@Frostbite_Q: Lol. Misinformed lot coming here to sing bigi praises. They’ve forgotten that’s how Big Cola penetrated the market too. I’ve never tasted that thing or Bigi. They will all come and go. Coca-Cola is an immortal, behemoth beverage company and their only competition is water.

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