Why a Cheerful Attitude is Necessary for Success

Shell Nigeria


There are some people who literarily carry the world on their shoulders. You can see the weariness in their countenance and general dispositions. Usually when aiming for a goal some of us tend to believe a serious person is one that goes everywhere with a frown. Amazingly, when we see some people who are so cheerful, we tend to feel they have no challenges or their problems is nothing, compared to ours. 

However there is an adage that says, “Those who pound yam noisily tend to think others don’t pound or eat yam.”

The journey of success or maximizing our potential works best when we go about our work cheerfully. Why is it so? It is so because, the challenges of life naturally will take away the smile off any well-meaning individual if he gives in.

But can you imagine the world without cheerful people. It will definitely be a boring place. You need to cultivate a cheerful attitude regardless of what you are going through because it makes your burden lighter. Haven’t you notice you work better or faster when you sing or play your favourite tune.

When you decide to let in the ray of happiness into your life, relationship and work, you will realize that you won’t dwell so much at the things that make you worry over and over. You will suspend your mind from worry and channel it into productive ventures that in turn changes the situations which you worry about.

Sometimes you don’t have to take yourself serious. Why? You have to be willing to laugh at yourself and mistakes sometimes. Else you would become so self-critical, such that nothing, good or satisfactory is found in what you do.

The reason many are unhappy is simply because they are trying to be perfect in an imperfect world.

Micheal Opene