CAN President asked to resign within 7 days


The Concerned Christian Forum of Nigeria, CCFN, has approached the National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Pastor Samson Ayokunle, to leave his situation inside seven days.

In a question and answer session on Tuesday, convener of the alliance, Rev. Sovereign Thompson, said the President of CAN had turned into an apparatus in the hands of lawmakers.

The gathering said the current CAN administration has made late days horrendous for Christians in Nigeria. As indicated by the alliance, the confidence of Christian steadfast has never been so slammed in the historical backdrop of the nation as it has been in that space of time obligingness of the administration of the body.

It, hence, issued Reverend Ayokunle-drove official seven days to hand over the issues of the relationship to a between time board of trustees to run its undertakings pending when another race will be directed. As per him, “It is disastrous to bring up that the tainting of our confidence by CAN did not merely start in these ongoing days. It has been on for some time now.

“The politicization of Christianity started under the past authority of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, who tragically turned into the official representative for the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, and previous President Goodluck Jonathan. “Things got so terrible that the President of CAN turned into an errand kid. Note, any errand kid as well as one that was being sent to purchase weapons and launder cash.

“CAN’s initiative under the present President, Reverend Supo Ayokunle, was profoundly foreseen to be reformists enough to restore the relationship to its lost greatness, for it to do a purging of CAN to free it of the soil sticking to it from floundering in the ground with swine. “Our expectation in Reverend Ayokunle having the option to convey CAN from the shackles of realism have been dashed. Past having our expectations dashed we are being made discouraged because his under his authority ‘the high places were not removed’ however they were fairly made higher. Truth is being relinquished on individual private raised areas worked to commend self.

“Over whatever we, around then, blamed the Pastor Oritsejafor initiative for, Reverend Ayokunle’s residency has visited the suffering on Christendom a thousand folds. “In addition to the fact that he continued to spoil the perfect command of the relationship by sending it as an arm of the PDP he has included the insidiousness of contempt by forcefully advancing Islamophobia.

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“CAN medium-term turned into a vehicle for instructing devotees to despise different people that made after the similarity of God picture mainly because of their present religious membership. “Notwithstanding when we vary from Muslims as far as doctrines, the arrangement isn’t to advance disdain that can prompt emergency that would prompt the shedding of innocent blood on the two sides.

“What the soul drove us to know is that we weight evangelism to change over those that are contacted to trust in salvation through Christ Our Lord. “We won’t change over them by propelling a bitterness against them, and we won’t cause them to welcome the affection for God by getting to be harsh and condemning their reality. “Strikingly, we won’t change over them by just discussing the good news of salvation. Our capacity to make changes over of those that are yet to realize Christ is by depicting Christlike activities that will be more persuading than long periods of void talk.

“A circumstance where President of CAN has turned into an apparatus in the hands of legislators and champion for ethnic-partisan biased people in the nation is an outskirt that ought to never have been crossed however that is correctly where Christianity in Nigeria has currently stayed outdoors. “The circumstance is terrible to the point that there are such a significant number of charges about the Reverend and his partners have been gathering cash from legislators and keeping same for personal gains in return to talking as indicated by contents given to them by these lawmakers.

“There is no uncertainty that by all standard he has bombed in his duty as a dad to all and has enabled narrow-minded motivation to deny him of being a channel for the progression of God’s words. “This is for what reason CAN as of now drove is unequipped for evangelizing through activities. The authority can’t lead adherents by precedents because their trade-offs are outstanding to the devoted.

“To the degree that the first and most significant thing in Christendom is to engender the Gospel of Christ, we categorically pronounce that the initiative of CAN has lost that vision. “It can’t persuade Christians to pursue the bearing it is spreading out how at that point would it be able to be a vehicle for winning more spirits for the Lord and ensuring the intrigue and welfare of individuals, similar individuals it is notwithstanding polarizing along the political gap.

“We have gone to the acknowledgment that the savagery to the group of Christ can’t be permitted to proceed for longer in case there will be more skeptic and rationalists than Christians when Reverend Ayokunle’s initiative of CAN finishes its residency. “The Concerned Christian Forum of Nigeria in this manner requests the quick renunciation of Reverend Supo Ayokunle as CAN President.

“Our interest involves that the whole CAN Executive leaves with the President to permit the affiliation to supplant them with an authority that will graph a course that accommodates with the belief system after that CAN was established. “If the rejected CAN official is at a misfortune concerning why it needs to go, it just needs to look to the presence of our gathering. Had CAN seek after the plan of joining Christians over the different factions, categories, and influences, we would not need to frame this gathering weight the pioneers into doing the needful.

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