The best of social media’s ‘savage replies’ of 2018

Shell Nigeria

I know you must have heard people saying social media is the next big thing, blah, blah, blah; well i am officially telling you that if you do not have a twitter account, then you are on a long thing.

Social media site, Twitter, has been known to be the home of the best ‘savage replies’ in the world and we are bringing you prove by showing you the best and ugliest savage replies on twitter.

If you are new on twitter, then it is in your best interest not to get on the bad side of these peeps unless you would have yourself to blame.

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PEPLNEWS brings you five of the best twitter comebacks so far this 2018,

See pictures below:



Celebrities have also not been left out in this hilarious saga.



And who could forget that moment when this brother decided to reply to Uncle Reno‘s tweet on BBNaija.. LOL




PEPLNEWS’ advice to twitter users:

“Its better to not say anything than to reply a tweet.”