Baby Left With ‘Devil Horns’ After Undergoing Brain Surgery


A 22-month-old Filipino battling a rare brain condition, has been left with ‘devil horns’ after a surgical operation.

According to reports, Clyne Solano suffered from hydranencephaly and underwent surgery, in March, 2018, to relieve swelling on his brain, but his skull later caved in to the holes in his head where the brain tissue was missing.

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Since then, the horn-like ridges have become more pronounced as his bones continue to grow. Solano will now be needing a reconstructive surgery.

But his mother Justine is afraid of putting him through another operation in case he is not strong enough to survive.

Despite the severity of the condition, doctors in Pasig City, Philippines have given Clyne a ”good” prognosis for his expected life.

He recently had a separate operation to change the tube in his airways that allows him to breathe by himself.

Clyne is fed by pouring milk and supplements through a second tube going through his nose and into his oesophagus.

Hydranencephaly is caused by the right and left hemispheres of the brain failing to develop in the womb, and it is incurable.

Most infants born with the severe condition die within a few months, but Clyne is battling on.