August Eye unveils new logo, launches 2 other subsidiaries

August Eye new logo unveiled by its CEO and Chairman

In its quest to meet the dynamic and innovative demands in the intelligence and specialized security solutions industry, AUGUST EYE Security Services Limited, has unveiled a brand new logo and two other subsidiaries, AUGUST EYE HR-Outsourcing and AUGUST EYE Cooperative at an event in Lagos.

The event, which also coincided with the birthday of the Chairman of the Company, Chukwuma Okpaka and the CEO, Amb. Roy Oamien Okhidievbie, attracted dignitaries from the Nigerian Military Service, the Nigerian Air Force Service and the Nollywood industry, represented by actor Owolabi Ibrahim among other distinguished guests.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, Chief Executive Officer of August Eye, Amb. Roy Okhidievbie said: “I know that there are security situations in Nigeria and there are so many security practitioners who are not sincere in practising security because when you are talking of security of life and assets, profit comes last. Therefore, I came forth to give security to the core and I came forth to see that people get value when they pay for security.”

CEO of August Eye, Amb. Roy Okhidievbie during his speech

The chairman, Pastor Chuks Okpaka, in his speech at the event, saluted the efforts of the CEO and his team in making August Eye a success. He said “today we celebrate faith, passion and energy, hence I enjoin everyone to salute the effort Amb. Roy and his team have put into this company.”

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Chairman, August Eye, Chuks Opara, delivering his speech

“August Eye embodies hope and strength to a lot of people. Today we are unveiling a logo that encompasses not just the security outfits but also the HR and Cooperative. These are all designed and put together to help strengthen people, help people gain access to jobs, to give people finances to help them get started in life and those without directions to give them direction.

Speaking to PEPLNEWS on the business environment in the country, Amb. Roy stated that he is ashamed because he is 48 and one of the few 48s that run companies in Nigeria, pay taxes and employ people who couldn’t go through a good university and can’t pay them well, all because of the harsh economic situation in Nigeria.

CEO and Chairman with their wives and other dignitaries for the unveiling

On the problem of national security, Amb. Roy said “The only problem we have is willpower. Willpower of leadership to execute penalties, willpower to deploy intelligent systems, intelligent awareness, gatherings, willpower of leadership to use the paraphernalia of government to encumber criminality and this haywire of taking lives and burning communities etc.”

“We are degrading our military forces by bringing them into matters that do not concern them. We are supposed to empower our police force. I don’t understand why senior army generals are holding civilian positions after retiring from the army. They should go and rest because they have exhausted all their power and skills when in the military force, so if given that power, they have no other option than to empower the military and we are just going in circles and the pitiable thing is that our brothers and sisters are dying”.

Chairman and CEO of August Eye, their wives and staff of August Eye at the logo launch in Lagos

The CEO further told PEPLNEWS that the civilians and most especially the media have crucial roles to play in the security of the nation. “The media need to go into the crisis areas, to go undercover, they need collaboration to pick out the genuine presence of killers and marauders. They need to go and bring the information and then the people need to channel the information rightly to achieve results.