ANC Threatens to Kick Zuma Out If He Fails to Resign

Jacob Zuma
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South Africa’s president, Jacob Zuma has adamantly held on to the seat of power despite various corruption allegations leveled against him. But after a meeting from ruling ANC party which he belongs, they have decided that they will formally request that President Jacob Zuma step down.

It was reported that If M.r Zuma, 75, still does not budge, he will face a vote of confidence in parliament that he is expected to lose.

Mr. Zuma has resisted increasing pressure to quit since December when Cyril Ramaphosa replaced him as leader of the ANC.

It is unclear how Mr. Zuma will respond to the formal request to step down, which is expected to be issued later on Tuesday.

Earlier, Mr Ramaphosa left the meeting of the ANC’s national executive committee to travel to Mr Zuma’s residence, where he is said to have told the president he would be recalled if he did not step down.

Last year the Supreme Court of Appeal ruled that he must face 18 counts of corruption, fraud, racketeering and money laundering relating to a 1999 arms deal.

More recently, Mr. Zuma’s links to the wealthy India-born Gupta family, who are alleged to have influenced the government, have caused his popularity to plummet.


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