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It is sad to see employees who are more concerned about their take home pay than the general good of their company. I come across people who lackadaisically go about their job as if it is not worth putting their time and effort.

Career growth should be a deliberate effort a person puts in place to rise up the career ladder. Although when it comes to promotion we know office politics plays a part. But for some rather than focus on investing on their skills and ability to deliver more, they start scheming and playing all manners of dirty tricks and eye- service in order to get noticed and promoted. One thing you must know is that you don’t need to put yourself through all that because a diligent worker is like a star which cannot be hidden if you are not valued at your present place of work you will be valued by someone else. All you need do is to make an attempt. Below are tips for advancing your career. As a career person you don’t have to be stuck in one position

  1. Go the extra-mile to add value: the more you give of yourself in your present employee the more it shows you can handle. Don’t wait to be told everything to do use your initiate to do what needs to be done.
  2. Invest in yourself. Don’t only take advantage of your companies’ training programmed. Enroll for courses and paid or free seminar that will enhance your productivity.
  3. Be loyal: loyalty entails staying through the vision and mission of your organization and diligently serving those above you and leading those beneath you. Being loyal is not about being a people pleaser. But a team player who works for the overall good of the company in principle and practice.
  4. Be a good advocate: the job of promoting your company should not be left to marketing or P.R Department alone. You should have a good knowledge of the company your work, and should be able to represent them by speaking well f them and promoting it wherever and whenever the need arises.
  5. Derive passion for the job: it will be difficult for you to happily advance in a career where there is nothing to stir and motivate you. Money is a good motivator but no doubt to have a rewarding and fulfilling career you need more than money.
  6. Build competence: there is need to build competence in the areas of creating position personal impact, relationship building, job know-how and leadership ability.